Rat Race

from Three Birds Stoned by Avem



I stuck another rock into the water but the food is just out of reach, these fucking machines
I still remember when i got that little morsel after using that stick on those other things

Maybe this other rock will work
the fuck is going on the food’s in the same place
I’ll put another one on top of the first rock i used
By god i’m such a fucking genius it’s right there for taking

Can’t help but feel like an experiment
This life i’m forced to live
Isn’t my first choice i’ll make the best of it

This cage feels smaller every single day
Hear talk about the rat race i guess this is it my life’s stolen away

Remember berries in the trees
Chewing on leaves to get those little grubs to eat
The wind feels a lot like me
Pulled each direction never in a rush, exactly where it needs

I guess this new life ain’t bad
Put in the work and get rewarded just enough to not be sad
It’s all okay if i don’t think
Put my head down and dance just like a monkey wanting to be free

You stole my life from me


from Three Birds Stoned, released August 25, 2022


all rights reserved



Avem Ontario

Ramonescore Bird Nerds from the Idyllic Countryside of Southern Ontario.


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